JAC Summer Soirée
Friday, July 12, 2019


 The Outdoor Arts Experience

in Celebration of the Jamestown Arts Center’s 10th Anniversary

Proposed Exhibition, Summer 2020

Mission Statement

The Outdoor Arts Experience (OAE) will provide a publicly accessible example of

extraordinary arts brought to our community through outdoor installations and

related arts experiences. In celebration of the JAC’s 10th anniversary, the project

expresses the inclusive, embracing message that art is for everyone, the JAC is art

for our community and, everyone is welcome to participate.


The Outdoor Arts Experience (OAE) is an exhibition the Jamestown Arts Center is actively planning for the summer of 2020, in celebration of our 10th anniversary. The OAE looks to place artworks outdoors in shared public places around Jamestown, with the goal of exposing all community members to artwork.

As a first step in this 2-year project, we look to install a permanent sculpture pad on the exterior grounds of the Jamestown Arts Center (JAC). The pad will provide necessary infrastructure to allow the display of three-dimensional works as part of our ongoing exhibition programming. Placing artwork outside will increase awareness of the JAC and its mission, and offer exposure to artwork to community members who may not have been into the Arts Center previously. The JAC’s proposed sculpture pad location is adjacent to the Library, the community playground, and along the sidewalks used by school children, ensuring that works exhibited will be viewed by a significant cross- section of Jamestown residents.

The pad and exhibited artworks will serve as the hub for the second phase of the OAE, that being a summer exhibition in 2020 of at least 9 artworks placed at additional public spaces around the island. This second phase of the OAE will strengthen partnerships between the JAC and other community organizations, and will encourage viewers to seek out artworks at diverse locations around town. Through this arts-driven journey, the OAE will encourage viewers to explore and appreciate various public and historical sites in Jamestown. Site specific events, arts education opportunities, and school field trips are planned and will bring additional visitors to experience the artworks and engage with the community.

Examples of possible artwork locations for the 2020 Outdoor Art Experience exhibition (OAE) include town properties (municipal grounds, schools, town parks), historical sites, non-profit, community and business properties, and state parks located in Jamestown. In partnering with such organizations in town, the OAE additionally looks to celebrate our incredible natural resources and environment, to promote civic engagement, and create awareness of properties of historical significance. In selecting artworks, a panelist format is anticipated in which representatives from the JAC, partner organizations, the arts community and the community at large will serve on the selection panel. This process will provide transparency and education to the public as to the workings of public art selection.

Project Timeline

Fall 2018-August 2019

-Design & install JAC sculpture pad, select & place one artwork to be on display summer 2019

-Establish location partners and funding for installation phase -Finalize Call for Proposals and curatorial vision.
-Form selection committee

Execution phase, September 2019- July 2020

-Publish Call for Proposals September 1, 2019.
-Selection Committee reviews, recommends exhibitors and artworks. -All selections vetted by JAC for feasibility.
-Installation parameters of each artwork established.
-Artworks installed last week of June, 2019.
-Plan outreach and programming.
-Publish catalogue, signage, maps, website.

July 10, 2020

-Exhibit opens in conjunction with JAC’s Summer Soirée event.
-On display through October 31, 2020
-Education and Outreach phase begins: Numerous events through October. Examples

include films, talks, workshops, field trips. -Special community OAE opening, event date TBD.

November 2020

-Exhibit removal