JAC Summer Soirée
Friday, July 12, 2019

Betwixt & Between: Photography Time & Place

 Curated by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew
Opening Reception: Friday, July 13, 2018
At our 8th Annual Summer Soirée
Exhibition Dates: July 13 – August 18, 2018
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm, or by appointment

The 8th Annual Summer Soirée will feature an exclusive viewing of Betwixt and Between: Photography, Time and Place curated by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew. The use of the English idiom “Betwixt and between” reflects the dichotomy in the work displayed in this exhibition, between our older definitions of photography and the ways it is being redefined. This is especially true with the ever-evolving technologies that are continually pushing at conventional boundaries.  The title also alludes to the indecisiveness with which we increasingly view images, particularly since their historically based presumption of veracity has been radically eroded in the last decade, with the expansion of the digital imaging toolbox.  The result of this expanded definition is that photographers are no longer limited to a single two-dimensional image on paper that is derived from a scene in front of the camera or images related to technology are a new visual language.

This exhibition highlights artists that explore different processes and possibilities in photography with a strong emphasis on points where the various technologies amplify and augment the artist’s concept. Rather than arguing for a monolithic definition of photography, this exhibition is betwixt and between, with a three-pronged approach.  It looks at artists betwixt and between photography and other mediums, artists betwixt and between photography’s traditional referencing of time and artists betwixt and between the medium’s ideas of place, especially in terms of collapsing boundaries.

Hasan Elahi - Portland, OR
Jodie Mim Goodnough - Providence RI
Meggan Gould - Albuquerque, NM
Sunil Gupta - London, England
Abigail Gumbiner  - Atascadero, CA
Yashna Kaul, New Delhi, India
Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe - Tempe, Arizona and Philadelphia
Netta Laufer - NYC & Israel
Olivia B. McCullough - Providence R
Abelardo Morell - Havana, Cuba and Boston, MA
Lorie Novak - NYC
Pierre & Gilles - Paris, France
Meghann Riepenhoff - Bainbridge Island, WA and San Francisco, CA
Ian Mohon, Providence RI
Lauren Semivan - Detroit MI
Starn Twins - Beacon, NY
Millee Tibbs - Detroit, MI
Penelope Umbrico - NYC
Clement Valla - NYC
Jay Simple, Providence RI