JAC Summer Soirée
Friday, July 12, 2019

2014: Paper-Made



Paper art is emerging as a global phenomenon. PAPER-MADE explores paper’s transformation from an everyday object into an exquisite three dimensional sculptural artwork

Eighteen showcased artists, from near and abroad, explore this material’s ephemeral nature and beauty. Each artist explores different qualities of paper, from hand-made paper and paper string, to site-specific installation made of book pages, from Korean Joomchi paper to found lottery tickets and archival photographs.

The exhibit’s title PAPER-MADE is a reference to Marcel Duchamp's concept of the "ready-made," since paper is an everyday object. The alchemic transformation from simple paper to art highlights the artist’s creativity and demonstrates the limitless potential of the art form.

Curator, Karen Conway offers, “While paper artwork in three dimensional form is already hot in places like the UK and Korea, it is just heating up in the US – as seen in a recent article in The New York Times Style magazine (6/15). This exhibit at the Jamestown Arts Center is a rare opportunity to see 3D paper artwork by an accomplished group of artists from Rhode Island and beyond.”

Running from July 26 through August 30, 2014, the PAPER-MADE exhibit will feature:

Jo Lynn Alcorn, CT
Molly Bosley, VT
Heather Cherry, Colorado
Heather Cox, NY
Jiyoung Chung, RI
B.L. Green, RI
Joan M. Hall, Missouri
Xander Marro, RI
Courtney Watson McCarthy, NY
Barbara Owen, RI
Jessica Palmer, Bath, England
Lisa Perez, RI
Kim Salerno, RI
Michelle Samour, MA
Matthew Shlian,  Michigan
Rebecca Siemering, RI
Randal Thurston, MA
Wendy Wahl, RI